Sunday, June 28, 2015

Love will keep us together (well, love and a few other things)

When the subway art trend hit popular culture, I was as enamored as the next gal. I was attracted to the funky art styles and even printed a few Eighteen25 fun ones for teacher gifts. I also liked the idea of a family rules type sign for our home. As I searched Pinterest and Etsy, though, I found that the ones readily available for purchase didn't quite reflect our family's attitude. I don't really need a sign in our main hallway reminding us to brush teeth or wash hands. I was looking for something with a little more depth of character.

I realized what I really wanted was a sign that stated the traits James and I wanted our family to embody. Once I decided this, I kept a few index cards of ideas floating around with me. I would jot down a character trait to highlight after hearing a great reading at Mass or after having a conversation with a friend.

Then I discovered This site lets you design your own sign and print it in one of several ways. You probably already knew about this site, but here in the House of Lame, we're always behind the 8 ball, so to say. I started working on my design and quickly realized the other very important aspect that bothered my psyche about the ready made subway art - I gravitate toward straight lines and organized design. The cacophony of fonts and squished words in most subway art just makes my head hurt. Enter my own personal, just for our family design.

WellsKrewe is our long time family moniker and is a nod toward my New Orleans heritage full of Mardi Gras Krewes (social groups that host parades). It's this term that friends and family use to refer to the whole lot of us and it seemed perfect for this sign. This sign describes who we are and what we'll become - ultimately the Domestic Church we are called to be.

We strive to be loving, be truthful, be joyful, be considerate, be thankful, be wise, and be peaceful.  If we can successfully achieve these criteria, we'll all be living happily and contented.  James and I have started picking a scripture passage to flesh out each trait. The reading matches how that trait should be exemplified by each of us in our home. For example, John 15:12 tells us, "This is my commandment: love one another as I love you."  While there are numerous scriptures regarding the topic of love, this one simply states what is expected and therefore it's perfect for us.

What traits would your family put on a tailor made subway art sign???

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  1. So I've heard of Zazzle but never checked them out. LOVE the sing you created specifically for your family! I've wanted to have a family rules type sign for our house too but haven't done it/purchased one for the same reason - nothing seemed to fit exactly right. Thanks for the head-up on Zazzle!


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