Thursday, October 11, 2012

'Cause I'm a night owl honey

We have a huge picture window on the front of the house and it provides hours of entertainment for my children. They enjoy watching the world go by or waiting for a special visitor. It's true, we have a very low threshold for excitement :)

Jazz was looking out of that window this morning as she waited for her brother to gather his school bag and lunch. She suddenly yelled for our attention. We joined her at the window to see this:

An owl was very calmly perched on the top of the light pole across from our home. I ran for the camera and mentally cursed the lack of zoom lenses. This was the closest I could get and I was unable to get a shot from the front because the owl flew away.

What a cool way to start a beautiful, crisp autumn day.

Post title from Carly Simon's "Night Owl"

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