Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We give you thanks for your great glory

For today's Thankful Tuesday post, I'd like to share some really random vignettes from the past week that have me thanking God for my many blessings. In true form, I'm providing a list. I apologize for it not being a spreadsheet :)

1. 19! That's the anniversary Mr. Neoclassic and I are celebrating today. In some aspects, I feel like we're still new at this gig and have lots to figure out, while in other aspects, I feel like we're weathered experts.

In the Botanical Garden, D.C.

2. We are both so very thankful for the strong marriage role models of both sets of parents and so many of our friends. They all demonstrate that this blessed Sacrament is worth every moment of the intense work we pour into it from ourselves.

Such babies!

3. Classic Rock had us rolling at the dinner table last night as he listed menu options at the imaginary restaurant he and a few friends developed as part of a Health Class assignment. It's a restaurant with a rock and roll flair and dishes such as "You can't have your Pudding", "Bohemian Wraps", "Strawberry Shortcake Fields", "Heart-y Tomato Soup", "Wings", and "Cold as Ice Cream".  I'm so thankful my weird knack for thinking in song lyrics has found a kindred spirit.

4. I spent the morning participating in Career Day at Jazz's school. I discussed my love for Civil Engineering and subdivision design. I explained that the design process was like a huge puzzle or a huge Lego project, and that my job was to make all the pieces fit in harmony. I also pointed out that I was able to work around having my children and being a mother. I think that last point's just as important as the career information. Too many of our young women are raised believing motherhood isn't a job or career. I've worked full-time, part-time and stayed at home during this mothering journey - and it's all work!

My very basic Power Point subdivision design - color coded of course!

5. Mr. Neoclassic was able to show the children that a design project he's been involved with at work was listed in Popular Mechanics as one of the top 10 Feats of Mega-Engineering. I'll let you browse the list and figure out which project :)  (For security reasons he asked that I not mention it specifically.)  We are thankful for the career which allows him to support us and still challenge him. While work is not always a picnic (is it really ever?), seeing your efforts applauded makes it a whole lot easier to get up in the morning!

May your day also be filled with blessings!

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  1. Congrats are in order all the way around! Huge achievements for all of you, especially the 19 years of marriage. We are a year behind.

    I love your point about motherhood! :)


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