Friday, June 21, 2013

Lost in the backyard

June has creeped along with temperatures in the 70's and 80's, with little humidity to speak of, so far.  It's certainly unusual for our area, but we are not complaining!  Rather, we are relishing the chances to work AND play.  A few days ago was just a play day.  Wonderful friends gifted us with a croquet set and we spent a whole afternoon laughing at ourselves and at each other.

The girls helped me set up the wicket pattern (a double diamond) and played the first few rounds with us.  By the time I thought to grab the camera, they'd moved on to Fairy Garden play and Oversight From the Swing.  That sweet little mouth was actually yelling something like, "You missed again!" She also gave us play by play commentary, "It's Mama's turn but her ball didn't go through." or "Daddy, you have to hit the red one.", etc.

Eat your heart out, Howard Cosell!

While Classic Rock was sailing with the Venture Crew that afternoon, Zydeco happily stepped into the role of joker, smart alack, and goofball.  He fulfilled all roles well, keeping his parents laughing and missing their shots.  Maybe that was his point?  He even surprised us with his own version of a touchdown dance when he finally completed the first half of the diamond pattern.

As we round the corner into July and settle into our summer schedule, I am reminding myself to cherish these hilarious moments of family fun.  Summer's too short.

Today's post title from Natasha Bedingfield's Backyard.

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