Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Now that I'm on my way

On the same night Classic Rock was awarded his Eagle Rank, we also celebrated an important achievement for Zydeco. He recently turned 12 and was awarded his Life Rank. 12 is young for this particular rank, but he's participated fully and eagerly in as many Troop activities as possible since he joined.  He dives into merit badge work with great enthusiasm and looks forward to his yearly week of Scout summer camp where he will earn about five or six more badges.

His photography badge work was exemplified in the last post, as well as in this post.  After fulfilling his required number of months tending amphibians (remember this toad), he also earned the Reptile and Amphibian badge at this ceremony.  By the way, those toads are cute and funny, but they bark like small yippy dogs, which is weird.

Receiving all the Merit Badges earned in the last several months.

Mama's stand with their Scouts to receive the Rank Parent Pin.
The Scout pins it on upside down and the parent rotates it
when the Scout has done a good turn.
(A bit blurry because the winds were so strong)

Zydeco will continue to work on badges and take leadership roles within the Troop, but he won't be starting an Eagle project for at least another year or two.  He recognized the levels of attention, leadership, responsibility, and service required to complete a full project and, showing a maturity beyond 12, decided that he's not ready for that dedication yet.  He's planning to enjoy the ride, have great fun with this fellow Scouts, and experience Life.

He's definitely on his way - but at his pace.  At that's just fine.

Today's post title from Toby Keith's How do like me now?

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  1. "Rank Parent"? That can't be right.
    Really cool John Deere behind you, though.


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