Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oh Father, guide me if You can

Classic Rock and Zydeco completely surprised their dad with a unique and creative gift today. Using his new camera (thoroughly researched and purchased with savings), Zydeco roamed our gardens and snapped pictures of blooming flowers and greening shrubs. After learning how to download the pictures, Classic Rock stepped in with his research capabilities. Together, they produced a Power Point presentation/ card for Mr. Neoclassic.

They totally nailed their dad's love of nature and wonderfully coupled it with inspiring thoughts we all need to hear.  Their gift shows their own talents, as well.  Zydeco's really enamored with photography - a byproduct of working toward the Boy Scout Photography merit badge.  His "eye" is better than mine, for sure.  Classic Rock is and has always been a book worm.   He's most comfortable when he can research answers to all of life's questions.  Finding just the right quotes for the pictures they'd collected was his idea of time well spent.  I am certainly not arguing.

I hope the Father's Day celebrations, big or small, in your own homes were fabulous.

Today's post title from Cat Stevens' Father


  1. The boys did an awesome job! I am going to post some of the quotes around the house. Thanks for finding them for me.:-)

    1. I particularly liked the Bill Cosby quote - you know the one about us only wanting to hear our opinions in a lower voice! There are days that is so true!


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