Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello again, hello

Why is it that we know all the lyrics to Neil Diamond songs, but we really don't even like Neil Diamond songs? Ponder that, my friends.

My space here has been quiet, but my home, mind and hands have been busy and noisy. I've been sewing in tiny bits here and there to finish a princess dress, but keep stopping to make a curtain or a bat costume, or even refashion a poodle skirt on the fly for a good friend. Meanwhile, Irish Jig and I found these beauties while buying Halloween candy:

Suddenly the plan is now for a Purple Princess Fairy! Oh my.

Jazz has also found her crafting vibe and has helped me create a few new pieces of decor:

She was adamant that our pumpkin bowl have a mustache. We followed many an idea from many a website - mostly from Eighteen25. I wonder if they sell stock in their site? I'd buy and make a fortune on my own visits.

My parents arrive tomorrow to celebrate with Irish Jig and spoil the remaining children. I hope to con my dear mother into a visit to the newest quilt store, where I'll graciously allow her to spoil me a bit. I do love a great mother!

What crafting are you up to these days????

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